Stroke Care Management: Alien Hand Syndrome

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Alien Hand Syndrome may occur in patients recovering from a stroke. It is a phenomenon involving the involuntary motor activity of a limb in conjunction with the feeling of estrangement from that limb. Patients may speak about their limb in the third person and as having a will of its own.

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Being groped or grabbed by a patient while carrying out work duties is not okay in any clinical setting. Yet, a Monash University study found that 70% of surveyed nurses reported being physically assaulted in the workplace. The patient was identified as being the perpetrator in many of these assaults. The challenge for nurses is that they are caring for patients who may be aggressive due to an acute or untreated medical condition such as dementia, delirium or brain injury. One such medical condition that may lead to incidents of physical assault is Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS), which may occur in patients recovering from stroke due to disruption of the anterior cerebral artery (ACA) blood supply.

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Annette Horton
Annette Horton is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years extensive nursing, rehabilitation and management experience. Since 2004 Annette has held a Nurse Unit Manager position of a regional rehabilitation unit in Queensland. Annette is a member of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association (ARNA) and has presented several papers at ARNA national conferences. Annette has her own nursing blog entitled Nurseconvo, and more recently has become a contributing writer for Ausmed. Interests include stroke, rehabilitation, continence, leadership and management, coaching and case management.
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Pamela Boyd
13 Oct 2021
Well done, very interesting - have observed this so good to have an explanation of this.
Claire Hein
19 Apr 2021
Portrait of Cassandra Bond
Cassandra Bond
12 May 2021
Quick and easy to read. Interesting information
Lesley Baker
10 Feb 2020
Good resource and well worth watching further education on this topic would be great
Stephanie Lylak
17 Sep 2020
it was a simple yet easy to read piece on Alien Hand Syndrome. Informative and useful
Tammy keys
04 Feb 2022
Casey Ng
09 Feb 2022
Portrait of SANJU THOMAS
19 Apr 2022
Heather griffin
22 May 2020
Great information. Presented in a simple and easy to understand way
Shanee pisani
12 May 2021
Well written and easy to understand
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