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CPD50m of CPD
Total Rating(s)26
Publish Date16 August 2016
Review Date06 May 2019
Expiry Date16 August 2019
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia

Course Overview

This Course explains the role that collaboration amongst disciplines working in healthcare can play in producing positive patient outcomes and explores strategies to enable effective collaboration amongst these disciplines.

Topics include:

  • Patient-centred care
  • The benefits of collaboration
  • Enabling collaboration
  • The principles of good communication
  • Negotiation and conflict

Target audience

All healthcare professionals, across all areas of professional practice.


Be more aware of the necessity of efficient collaboration amongst the healthcare disciplines in order to achieve positive outcomes for those in their care, as well as to be able to explain the role good communication has as the mediator of effective collaboration.


It is recognised that when inter-professional members of the healthcare team identify their different roles and focus on the best interests of the patient, they can provide collaborative, person-centred care, resulting in significant and real benefits for the person, for those providing care, and the healthcare system as a whole.

If healthcare professionals are unable to collaborate, it can ultimately lead to a breakdown in the provision of effective healthcare. At the very heart of this collaborative process is the nurse, and for collaboration to be efficient and effective, it is critical to understand the nature of collaboration itself, how it can be facilitated and the principles of good communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the benefits of collaboration amongst the healthcare disciplines
  • Describe the factors that result in effective collaboration
  • Identify the key elements of good communication between peers and other disciplines


No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medications or products have been used.


Portrait of Darren Wake
Darren Wake

Peripatetic and always intellectually restless, Darren Wake has pursued varied careers in journalism, media production, academic philosophy and nursing. As a nurse, he worked in the speciality areas of critical care, community care, remote area healthcare and education. As a formally qualified academic philosopher Darren taught undergraduate units in law and ethics in healthcare, although his principle research focus revolved around logic and the philosophy of language. Darren’s media production output can be found scattered about the Ausmed website and in his long forgotten days as a word monkey, he wrote for European publications such as The Scotsman, The Great Outdoors, Country Walking and The Times. In 2014 Darren consulted to the Department of Health for the development of Consumer Directed Care policy and guidelines for remote area communities in the Northern Territory. These days he is the managing editor of a small independent publishing company based in the United Kingdom, and lives in Tasmania. In his spare time, Darren is currently studying a formal course in celestial navigation, just in case the inevitable zombie apocalypse messes with the world’s GPS satellite system.

CPD50m of CPD
Total Rating(s)26
Publish Date16 August 2016
Review Date06 May 2019
Expiry Date16 August 2019
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia
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Professional Development
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Learner Reviews


26 Total Rating(s)

Generic portrait
Deborah Tracy
15 Mar 2019

I found it the information clear and relevant.

Generic portrait
Anne-Marie Bennett
11 Mar 2019

This was great to reinforce the concepts around team collaboration and communication.

Generic portrait
Emily curtain
23 Feb 2019

Relevant to current issues within the workplace and effective resolution management interventions outlined

Portrait of Joanne Pegg
Joanne Pegg
22 Jan 2019

Excellent course and essential to all health care areas

Portrait of Claire Ammellino
Claire Ammellino
20 Oct 2018

Excellent piece of information, very valuable in nursing practice

Portrait of Felix Adegaye
Felix Adegaye
06 Oct 2018

Grest resource

Generic portrait
Phillimon Chiware
05 Sep 2018

Found this quite educative and helpful for my role as a clinical nurse within emergency department

Generic portrait
Avelina Go Chow
30 May 2018

Excellent reminder of Heath teams main goal and how to achieved them

Generic portrait
Amrita Banstola
27 May 2018


Generic portrait
Jonathan Wood
25 May 2018

Knowledgeable speaker