Appropriate Antibiotic Use in Aged Care

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Despite about 12% of aged care residents taking antimicrobials on any given day, only one-quarter of these clients are actually displaying signs of infection.

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With the World Health Organisation declaring antimicrobial resistance (AMR) a major health concern, the prevalence of antibiotics in aged care poses a significant threat to a vulnerable population. In order to minimise the risk of antibiotic-resistant infections emerging and spreading in these environments, it is critical to prescribe and manage antibiotics appropriately.


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Lynn Hancock
24 Jul 2020
Great resources and informative article.
Pamela Boyd
18 Jul 2020
Explained very clearly, well worth the time invested, thanks.
Lyn Flanagan
20 Sep 2020
Was an informative education on anti biotic resistance.
Rebecca Brennan
22 Jul 2020
Great refresher of already existing knowledge.
Ramadhan Rungu
02 Sep 2023
Assistant in Nursing (AIN)
Michaela Eisenmenger
13 Jul 2023
Good. Eye opening
Jeanne Arona
28 May 2021
Good refresher on AMS.
Baljeet kaur
15 Jan 2022
Using antibiotics appropriately by accurately assessing the client; confirming the client’s condition; prescribing the correct antibiotic; Prescribing the correct dose; Administering antibiotics through the correct route;Administering antibiotics at the correct time; Administering antibiotics for the correct duration of time; andConducting timely reviews.there is direct link between microbial resistance and misuse of antibiotics
Surakshya Rana
23 Mar 2021
Helped me to learn more about medication errors.
Pamela Boyd
26 Sep 2021
Comprehensive & informative - good R/V of Anti microbial stewardship.
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