Compartment Syndrome

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Compartment syndrome is an extremely painful condition that if presenting acutely is a medical emergency. Left untreated, it can result in serious consequences such as ischaemia, necrosis, amputation of the affected limb or even death

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The arms and legs are divided into several segments known as fascial compartments. Each compartment comprises a group of muscle tissue, blood vessels and nerves contained within a strong membrane known as the fascia. The fascia is inelastic, preventing the compartments from rapidly expanding. Compartment syndrome is when blood or fluid accumulates in the intracompartmental space and the compartment is unable to stretch to accommodate this increased fluid volume, causing a high level of pressure, which in turn, impedes perfusion to the affected area.


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Portrait of Yuelian Xu
Yuelian Xu
11 Aug 2020
Good nursing assessment acronyms for neurovascular assessment- Compartment Symdrome
Emily Bosnjak
03 Aug 2022
Easy to read
Nigel Bateman
10 Aug 2022
Registered Nurse
Leigh Gleeson
14 Jun 2022
Easy synopsis to read.
Abbie Pichler
26 Jul 2023
Registered Nurse
Great introductory knowledge base of compartments sydrome
Portrait of Nathan Coughlan
Nathan Coughlan
10 Aug 2022
Enrolled Nurse
Great resource on compartment syndrome.
Louise Bennett
29 Mar 2021
I found that this resource to be useful, as I now know that pain is the symptom to be most aware of in the detection of possible compartment syndrome.
Arra Dizon
27 Apr 2021
very relevant to my role as a PACU nurse and enhances my knowledge!
David Scarborough
24 Oct 2022
Written well and easy to understand
Robyn Jorimann
23 Apr 2023
Great and informative
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