Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy

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Complementary and alternative forms of medicine are becoming increasingly popular - not only with pregnant patients but also with midwives and maternity nurses, who are becoming more appreciative of their value. However, with so many specialties on offer, it can be difficult to keep up to date with current knowledge and identify which therapies are safe for use during pregnancy and which could potentially cause harm.

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For many years now, the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) movement has been driven by consumer demand, leaving midwives with the task of developing comprehensive evidence-based knowledge of the potential benefits and risks of some of the more popular therapies.


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Anne Watkins
Anne is a freelance lecturer and medical writer at Mind Body Ink. She is a former midwife and nurse teacher with over 25 years’ experience working in the fields of healthcare, stress management and medical hypnosis. Her background includes working as a hospital midwife, Critical Care nurse, lecturer in Neonatal Intensive Care, and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for a company making life support equipment. Anne has also studied many forms of complementary medicine and has extensive experience in the field of clinical hypnosis. She has a special interest in integrating complementary medicine into conventional healthcare settings and is currently an Associate Tutor, lecturing in Health Coaching and Medical Hypnosis at Exeter University in the UK. As a former Midwife, Anne has a natural passion for writing about fertility, pregnancy, birthing and baby care. Her recent publications include The Health Factor, Coach Yourself To Better Health and Positive Thinking For Kids. You can read more about her work at
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Portrait of Ma Jorheina Yasmin Sumicad
Ma Sumicad
22 Nov 2020
It was informative and well presented.
Ellen McGann
05 Dec 2020
Brief and informative.
Debra Curran
01 Dec 2021
Excellent article and clearly outlines what the safe alternative therapies to use for pregnant women.
Naomi Bentum
07 Dec 2020
Very interesting to know statistics about the use of CAM during pregnancy and how little these things are discussed with care providers. Would be great to have even more information about which types of CAM are being “hidden” and how best to encourage information sharing throughout the pregnancy.
Debra Curran
22 Nov 2020
Very impressed with the incorporation of safe complimentary therapies in the the field of midwifery. I believe that we need to undertake a lot more research into this area as there are a myriad of alternative therapies around that may be helpful
Kim owen
21 Nov 2020
CAM are becoming more popular, people are looking at these alternatives, but they are not always a replacement for the current medical treatments
Joanne Austin
22 Nov 2020
Encouraging to initiate conversations with patients about CAM and the categories listed gives the midwife an avenue to pursue if requires further information or guidance. Simply acknowledging that a vast majority of patients are utilizing some form of CAM aids in an wholistic approach to care provided.
Bina Baniya
20 Mar 2021
Michelle Lynwood
29 Nov 2020
Very interesting of how complementary therapies work well with pregnancy.
Nicole Espenlaub
16 Dec 2020
I enjoyed reading this as a reinforcement of current knowledge but more importantly as a reminder to ask the questions and see if they are safe
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