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The Future of Documenting CPD


Published: 14 September 2016

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Earlier this week we launched our new planning tools. Put simply, you can write a full-page NMBA compliant learning plan in about 60 seconds directly from the website or app.

With this important, but time-consuming update complete, we’re now focussing fully on improving the documentation experience. To this end, I’m excited to share three futuristic ways we’re going to make documenting CPD faster and easier than ever.

1 – Document CPD From a URL

You will soon be able to document CPD by simply pasting a URL (web address) in.

You will soon be able to document CPD by simply pasting a URL (web address) in.

We’re in the final stages of testing a new feature that will allow you to document CPD by simply pasting in a URL (a link to the CPD online). From this point, all you need to do is write your reflection. Something we’re making easier and quicker to complete too…

2 – Contextualised Reflection

Reflecting on your CPD is likely the most important part of your documentation, especially if you were to be audited. This is the main reason why we have traditionally asked for such detail. Until now, every activity you document has asked you three reflective questions, but not any more. Soon, the amount of reflection we ask you to write will be based on the type of CPD you’re documenting.

The amount of reflection we require you to do will differ for each type of CPD.

The amount of reflection we require you to do will differ for each type of CPD.

For example, documenting a mandatory training session will now require one reflective question instead of the previous three. Documenting CPD just got even faster.

3 – Document CPD Together

Soon, you will be able to share your documented CPD with fellow learners (colleagues and friends you’ve done CPD with). Imagine the following scenario. You attend an inservice where six people are present. Upon completion of the session, one of your colleagues documents the CPD. They will now be able to share that documentation with the other six attendees (the reflection will remain private of course). Instantly, upon sharing, the other five learners, including you, receive an email or app notification prompting you to save the CPD to your portfolio too. You can then write your own personal (and private) reflection too.

More will be revealed soon…

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far. I know I’ve been asking for a lot, but it’s all being read and is helping us ensure that the problem of documenting CPD is solved once and for all.

Take care,

Will and the Ausmed team.

P.S. If you’re not already using Ausmed’s new (and 100% free) CPD organiser, you can sign up here.


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Donna Browne
24 Jul 2019

Whilst this is an older resource it was good to revise on the importance of documenting appropriately any education that I attend