Dysphagia and Swallowing

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Dysphagia is a common condition seen in many long-term care clients, with chewing and swallowing problems affecting between 30 and 50% of Australian aged care residents. It can have serious consequences such as choking and aspiration pneumonia if not appropriately managed.

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Dysphagia is difficulty swallowing. It can make swallowing painful, and in some cases, impossible. People with dysphagia may experience gagging, coughing or choking when eating and drinking.


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Very resourceful
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Excellent, very informative and helpful.
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Very useful
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14 Oct 2022
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very good review of topic
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Useful topic
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Carly Fraser
12 Apr 2020
Short but very clear.
Artemis MANGOS
03 Jul 2021
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Nita Jirel
06 Mar 2021
Helps to know the types of food and fluids given to different people who have swallowing difficulty.
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