Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

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Weight gain is an entirely natural aspect of a healthy pregnancy. However, for some women, their changing body shape can trigger heightened anxiety along with the emergence, or return, of an eating disorder.

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Eating disorders typically affect women of childbearing age, and if left unmanaged, can be associated with adverse outcomes for both mother and baby. Good nutrition is essential during pregnancy and even though eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are well recognised, their management remains a challenge.


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Rosie rundell
24 Mar 2022
Great artical
Annabelle Dee
27 Apr 2022
Great resource that should be taught more broadly
Alejandra Ortiz
13 May 2022
Registered Midwife Registered Nurse
Concise and informative.
Vivienne Lee
24 Mar 2022
It was interesting to read from the perspective of someone wanting to plan for a baby.
Kathryn Hamilton
27 Mar 2022
Very informative
Mary-Andree Fox-Slater
25 Mar 2022
The SCOFF tool is new to me but rather clever and easy to remember. I enjoyed this article.
Portrait of Brooke Davidson
Brooke Davidson
07 Apr 2022
Eye opening! Loved it.
Jodie Mitchell
24 Mar 2022
Interesting article, was introduced to the SCOFF tool which I had not heard of before
Debra Curran
21 Mar 2022
Registered Midwife
I also worked in a very busy ante-natal clinic in Frankston Hospital in Victoria where we we screened our ante-natal clients extensively and yet we did not cover eating disorders in our lengthy assessments. When considering the study by Bye et al. (2018) that describes the five main barriers to ante-natal women disclosing eating disorders to be due to Stigma; Lack of opportunity; Preference for self-management; Current symptomatology and Illness awareness; we need to address these perceived barriers by the ante-natal women in this study in every ante-natal clinic. Public ante-natal clinics are always very busy and tend to rush clients through; however eating disorders clearly needs to assessed and addressed accordingly.
Kate Gilmour
19 Mar 2022
Nurse Practitioner
this was an interesting and informative article to discussed eating disorders and social issues/barriers with regards to pregnancy
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