Environmental Design in Dementia Care

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A person is only as restricted as their environment causes them to be. Cognitive capacities are impacted when a person develops dementia. As a result, physical and social environments become increasingly difficult to navigate. Because of this, care and thought must be applied to the design of environments for people with dementia.

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In a residential aged care context, environmental design is the ordering of small and large scale aspects of the environment by means of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and planning. Good environmental design can assist a resident in finding their way around, as well as reduce confusion and increase independence.


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Suzanne Suthern
14 Jun 2023
Enrolled Nurse
Well presented and very relevant
Dorothy Mogendi
14 Sep 2022
Registered Nurse
Very resourceful
Liin Wei
23 Sep 2022
Portrait of Nida Deligero Lagunay
Nida Lagunay
10 Sep 2022
Useful and helpful topic.
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Lynne Hill
17 Sep 2022
Great ideas, encourages thinking outside of the square
Portrait of Rojeena Shrestha
Rojeena Shrestha
14 Sep 2022
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Danielle Wohling
15 Sep 2022
Registered Nurse
Great little piece
Sharnie Parsons
09 Sep 2022
Enrolled Nurse
Deanne Mossman
25 Feb 2020
I found this resource to provide valuable learning to improve my awareness of providing quality care to residents living with Dementia.
Richard Evetts
15 May 2022
Enrolled Nurse
A good succinct resource.
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