The Care of External Fixation Devices

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External fixation devices come with many risks and benefits to the patient. Due to a lack of clear consensuses, pin site infections and protocols lack much reliable evidence. Therefore, many protocols and practices will vary depending on a variety of factors. It is important that any care given to the patient with an external fixator device is individualised to that person and their injuries.

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External fixation devices are used to help immobilise a particular part of the body, due to a fracture or certain orthopaedic problem, to allow for bone healing. These devices may allow the fixation and manipulation of multiple bone segments, which would otherwise be very difficult. They involve the use of pins, wires and braces, and are used when other options of immobilisation (such as plaster casts) would be ineffective.


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Bina Baniya
22 Mar 2021
Great resource!
Teagan Kindleysides
18 May 2021
Very informative
Charelle Smith
20 Jan 2021
An excellent outline of fixation devices, indications and care.
Victoria Cadden
22 May 2022
Pin site care
Elsa Pita
01 Nov 2020
this topic was really needed as I'm revising orthopedic management in nursing.
Jatasya Naidoo
19 Nov 2021
Great easy to understand resource.
Dana Cox
12 May 2022
Relevant overview of wound care in relation the external fixation.
28 Nov 2023
Enrolled Nurse
very informative article
Tiffanie Ward
08 Feb 2023
Student Nurse or Midwife
Great explanation on External fixation devices which are used to help immobilise a particular part of the body due to a fracture or certain orthopaedic problem to allow for bone healing.
Karen Doyle
31 Oct 2023
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