Fear of Failure in the Workplace and How it Affects Your Health

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It is easy to feel inadequate or afraid of failing, particularly in the workplace. However, the constant stress caused by these fears can be physically and psychologically detrimental. Learning to understand anxiety and its physiology is crucial in getting it under control.

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Feelings of inferiority stem from striving to live up to the expectations of others, not wanting to hurt loved ones and being afraid to fail. So many people, it seems, do not feel good enough, and are constantly striving to fit in and be like someone else. This constant fear is far from life and death, however, it may hold you back from moving forward and have damaging effects.


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Marie McAneney has a Diploma in Nursing and over 25 years’ experience as a registered nurse. In the past five years, she has held senior leadership roles, leading and managing both small and large teams. In 2011 she completed “The Australian Applied Management Colloquium”, and is currently studying Coaching through the Coaching Institute in Melbourne at the Professional Master Level. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Meta Dynamics™ Profiler and Practitioner, which focuses on an individual’s thinking style. She is extremely skilled in human resource and leadership management, with a focus on developing teams and individuals within teams Marie is passionate about influencing positive change within the workplace and its culture, and does this by inspiring and empowering nurse leaders, to lead their teams from where they stand, to rediscover their courage from within, and to effectively language and interact with the people in their world.
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Vivian Macnarh
21 Sep 2023
Great and informative
Jody-Sherie Wheatley
06 May 2020
I loved the following sentence: This constant fear is far from life and death, however, it may hold you back from moving forward and have damaging effects.
Shannon Thompson
07 May 2020
Interesting read. Stress plays a huge role in our health and well-being.
Bina Baniya
10 Apr 2021
mataala niuatui
11 Feb 2021
Important a balance at work and at home, includes healthy eating, have time to yourself to reflect and put tasks to do to find solutions to stress created at work
Jenene Clarke
08 Oct 2022
Registered Nurse Registered Midwife
very interesting
Lauren Hall
05 May 2020
John McCaffrey
09 Aug 2020
Good intro to anxiety/imposter syndrome in the workplace
Rosanne Croft
17 May 2020
It is reassuring to know that others can be plagued by self doubt and one is not alone.
Rachel Tabib
30 May 2020
Informative & relevant
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