LGBTIQ+ Awareness in Aged Care

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Older Australians who identify within the LGBTIQ+ community have witnessed significant social and cultural transformation over the span of their lives. It is therefore safe to assume that LGBTIQ+ older adults who are ‘out’ will have experienced first-hand stigma, discrimination, criminalisation, rejection and isolation. This article provides practical steps that care workers and their facilities can take to provide LGBTIQ+ residents with the care and respect they deserve.

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Unfortunately, due to discrimination, many older LGBTIQ+ Australians remain invisible in the healthcare sector and broader community. While we may not know the exact numbers of older LGBTIQ+ people living in Australia, we know that older LGBTIQ+ Australians are more likely to need aged care services because many do not have children or support structures. So, how can we support older LGBTIQ+ Australians in the aged care system?


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Adrian Howson
15 Mar 2021
Great educational resource.
13 Jul 2021
Help me to care for my diverse population.
Helen Milne
20 Feb 2021
Informative on issues many may not even considered or realised. Included suggestions and information to assist workers include and support LGBTQIA clients.Promotes empathy and understanding.
Shristy Rawat
31 Aug 2021
Informative and useful
Rosemary Roder
04 Oct 2022
Well written and informative. The video at the end was perfect to obtain insight into discrimination in an aged care setting.
Deanna Bourke
03 Nov 2023
Personal Care Assistant (PCA)
informative course
Anqi Deng
02 Sep 2021
Ensure that all care workers and other staff respect the right of LGBTQI people to connect, relax and share intimacy with significant others regardless of their gender–and that this is reflected in policies and practices.
Deb McAlister
31 May 2023
Registered Nurse
Updating knowledge to provide an embracing, safe and caring environment for all residents
Paige Davis
19 Apr 2021
Good knowledge
Shandelle Whitty
25 Aug 2021
Great information
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