Eating Mindfully: Can it Help Combat Globesity?

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The concept of mindful eating has been gaining popularity in recent years, and as the global epidemic of obesity - referred to as ‘globesity‘ by the World Health Organization (WHO) - persists, it’s not difficult to see why.

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The World Health Organisation asserts that while obesity is a visible issue, it is often neglected. There are concerns that serious diet-related health detriments will arise if the issue of obesity is not addressed as soon as possible, resulting in preventable illness or premature death.


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Madeline Gilkes
Madeline Gilkes, CDE, RN, is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. She focused her Master of Healthcare Leadership research project on health coaching for long-term weight loss in obese adults. Madeline has found a passion for preventative nursing. She has transitioned from leadership roles (CNS Gerontology & Education, Clinical Facilitator) in the acute/hospital setting to education management and primary healthcare. Madeline’s vision is to implement lifestyle medicine to prevent and treat chronic conditions. Her research proposal for her PhD involves Lifestyle Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Madeline is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) and primarily works in the academic role of Head of Nursing. Madeline’s philosophy focuses on using humanistic management, adult learning theories/evidence and self-efficacy theories and interventions to promote positive learning environments. In addition to her Master of Healthcare Leadership, Madeline has a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education & Management, Graduate Certificate in Adult & Vocational Education, Graduate Certificate of Aged Care Nursing, and a Bachelor of Nursing. She is working towards her PhD.
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Kevin Porter
18 Jun 2020
Interesting reading about the effects of mindful eating and weight gain.
12 May 2021
Good quick read. Thought provoking.
Portrait of Helen Atkins
Helen Atkins
20 Sep 2020
Portrait of Fee Sievers
Fee Sievers
05 Jun 2020
This resource was a good tool.
15 Jun 2020
Interesting article mindless eating I want to adapted to my own eating habits
Emily Thomas
26 Apr 2021
Food for thought
Dan Alminaza
17 Jun 2020
This is knowledgeable. Encouraged m to establish a healthy diet. Thank you.
Loahnna worrell
08 Jun 2020
Great article easy to readv
Lorraine Hince
25 Jul 2020
Good overview on a complex issue
Sheryle Canny
19 Jun 2020
Easy to read and digest the information
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