Collegiality: The Foundation of Teamwork - Do Nurses Need Collegiality Guidelines?

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Collegiality embodies all those behaviours that people outside the nursing profession espouse nurses for – kindness, compassion, respect, teamwork and service to others - but all too often the workplace is ridden with bad behaviours of incivility, belittling criticism, unkindness.

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What are the consequences for a team when one or more of the team members can’t manage their emotions? What happens when a team member behaves uncivilly, reacts with anger and generally has a lack of regard for their colleagues’ feelings? Most of us have had an experience like this. These people don’t value collegiality and do damage to any attempt to build a cohesive team. They seem to believe that they are the exception and that the rules of civility and good workplace behaviour do not apply to them!


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Janette Cooper
RN - gastroenterology procedures
Janette Cooper is a registered nurse, currently working as a gastroenterology procedure nurse at Noarlunga Hospital. She has a Bachelor of Nursing, a Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management from Flinders University, and a certificate in Gastroenterology Nursing from The Queensland University of Technology. In 2012 she began a life coaching course with The Coaching Institute in Melbourne. It has allowed her to combine her two passions of nursing and personal development. She divides her time between gastroenterology nursing and promoting personal development and leadership by means of frequently published articles through Ausmed, leadership presentations and workshops and coaching health professionals wanting to develop their leadership potential.
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May Claveria
23 Oct 2022
Student Nurse or Midwife
Understanding yourself and others will create a better outcome.
Govero Maposa
18 Mar 2023
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