An Overview of Osteoporosis

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The aptly-named osteoporosis (meaning ‘bones with holes’) is a condition causing bones to become more porous due to loss of density. This decreased density means the bones are weaker, thinner and more fragile, which makes them more susceptible to breakage. As a result, the potential for injury - even from minor accidents - is increased.

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Loss of bone density occurs naturally with age, but for the 900,000-plus Australians living with osteoporosis, even a small fall or mechanical injury could mean a trip to hospital.


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Jenny Ellis
06 Mar 2023
Registered Nurse
Concise and relevant article
Rachel goss
29 May 2020
Very informative
Binu Mainali
16 Apr 2020
Good note.
Maggie Sullivan
23 Apr 2023
Good review
Vivien Bonney
08 Jun 2023
Registered Nurse
Victoria Mathews
08 Jun 2021
A short and informative article which I found useful when considering the analysis of clinical situations for patients with a hx falls.
Debbie Robertson
15 Oct 2023
Registered Nurse
Very easy essay with easy comprehension.
Jane Richardson
19 Mar 2023
Great summary and a reminder to talk to my patients at every opportunity about the risks of osteoporosis and how to prevent fractures.
Olivia Golledge
20 Apr 2023
Registered Nurse
Robyn Jorimann
08 Mar 2023
Short, simple and concise to understand
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