Paediatric Respiratory Assessment

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In order to recognise, manage and treat respiratory conditions in children effectively, we need to be able to confidently assess a child’s respiratory rate, effort and efficacy. In other words, we need to know what’s normal before we can assess what is abnormal.

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Early recognition of respiratory distress and deficit is vital to the successful management of sick children and the prevention of further deterioration or arrest. In order to manage respiratory distress, it is important to have a systematic approach to assessment.


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Victoria Draheim
31 Mar 2020
Concise information.
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Naomi Flood
13 Mar 2021
Interesting content, well presented and easy to understand
Jodie Clarkson
03 Jun 2020
The audible component was very informative. Concise and informative
Kathleen Murphy
24 Nov 2022
Clear and concise
Jordan Willmott
17 Oct 2021
Great Refresher
Tiffanie Ward
06 Jan 2023
Student Nurse or Midwife
Very informative and love the use of parameter table and video of breath sounds
Kelsey Tout
21 Feb 2023
Great overview
Kayla Thompson
03 Sep 2021
Straight forward, reinforcing resource of information on paediatric respiratory assessment.
Jane Sbirakos
13 May 2023
Registered Nurse
great overview
jayson botoy
12 Apr 2020
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