Person-Centred Care for Patient Safety and Wellbeing

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The outdated view of patients as passive recipients of care has given way to one where individuals are seen as active participants and partners in healthcare, with a valuable perspective and a vested interest in ensuring safe care. This concept, known as person-centred care (or patient-centred care), is fundamental to quality practice.

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Person-centred care is a holistic and genuine approach to healthcare that supports people in leading the lives they want. The way that health professionals respond to care recipients’ health issues, vulnerabilities, personalities and situations can have a significant and often long-lasting impact on their health and wellbeing. Furthermore, person-centred care has been demonstrated to positively influence health outcomes and the degree of satisfaction that carers derive from their work.


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Tracy Levett-Jones
Professor Tracy Levett-Jones is the Director of the Research Centre for Health Professional Education at the University of Newcastle. Her research interests include: belongingness, clinical reasoning, empathy, interprofessional education, cultural competence, simulation and patient safety. Tracy has authored ten books, the most recent being 'Clinical Reasoning: Learning to think like a nurse' and Critical Conversations for Patient Safety'; as well as over 200 book chapters, reports and peer reviewed journal articles. Tracy has been the recipient of multiple teaching and learning awards and has been awarded over two million dollars in grant funding.
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Anthony Cordwell
19 Dec 2020
Well documented and reinforced my knowledge of client centred care philosophy
Tina Coxall
04 Jul 2021
Good refresher into Person centered care
Bree ford
22 Dec 2020
Melina Giri
06 Jan 2022
Easy to understand
Portrait of Angela Laulu
Angela Laulu
19 Oct 2021
Great coverage of topic. Genius!
James Ollis
12 Aug 2022
Other Profession
Good resource.
Maggie Sullivan
06 Apr 2021
Vicky Fox
10 Oct 2022
Other Profession
good to get an understanding of new techniques used
Kim Armonis
04 Jul 2021
interesting to learn but unable to put into practice as it dosen't involve me in my line of work
09 Jan 2021
This learning provides new knowledge.
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