Risk Assessment and Management in the Home

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An essential component of home care is conducting risk assessments. You must know how to identify potential hazards, assess the risks they pose and implement appropriate control measures. This will help ensure that you, your clients, your clients’ carers and other workers are safe in home environments.

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Most injuries are preventable, but despite this, there were 538,000 injury hospitalisations in Australia in 2021-22. Alarmingly, the most likely location for accidents resulting in injury to occur is in the home. As a home care worker, you must be vigilant when working in client residences in order to minimise the risk of injury or harm to yourself and others.


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Evangeline Leon
15 Sep 2023
An excellent and timely learning topic.
Amanda Swinton
28 May 2021
Amanda Bantoft
04 Jan 2022
Hazards can arise at any time,it is important to be vigilant in identifying new hazards every visit and addressing the hazard immediately
Tori Boyadji
14 Apr 2023
Maria Mshamga
20 Sep 2020
prevention of falls is very important for both Registered nurses and Registered midwived.
David Boa
23 Oct 2023
A useful resource and reminder of risk management and how we are all responsible for this topic
Stephanie Walsh
07 Jun 2021
Helpful and informative.
Elly jeffery
12 Sep 2023
Enrolled Nurse
good resource
Olivia Jordan
18 May 2022
Gained new knowledge
Vannessa Edwards
08 Sep 2023
Community Care Worker
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