Skin Tear Prevention and Management

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Despite seeming like minor injuries, skin tears can be complex wounds with the potential to significantly affect a patient’s health and cause chronic discomfort. Skin tears are often misdiagnosed and underreported, and in many cases are preventable.

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Skin tears are acute, traumatic injuries caused by shearing, friction or blunt force wherein the layers of skin are separated. This may be a separation of the epidermis from the dermis (partial thickness) or separation of both the epidermis and dermis from underlying structures.


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Margaret House
25 May 2020
Very good refresher
Nina Kraskov
22 May 2020
A really great and succinct update on skin tears.
Keara Chan
09 Oct 2020
I really enjoyed this article. It was concise and easy to read.
Marie Molina
18 May 2020
It was brief, concise and informative.
Yvonne Woodvine
22 Jul 2020
Portrait of Kathryn alcock
Kathryn alcock
19 May 2023
Very informative
Portrait of Alanna Griffiths
Alanna Griffiths
29 May 2020
Very informative! Easy to use!
Portrait of Alexander Jr Atipen
Alexander Atipen
31 May 2020
detailed and well explained.
Robin McNicol
22 May 2023
Registered Nurse
Portrait of Florida Laulita
Florida Laulita
27 Jan 2022
The informations I learned thru this training gave me more knowledge and confidence in looking after our residents. It is very informative.
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