What is Dengue? (Mosquito Transmitted Diseases)

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Dengue is a mosquito-transmitted virus that causes dengue fever, a flu-like illness. It is estimated to affect up to 400 million people worldwide every year and is most commonly transmitted through a bite from an Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is not endemic in Australia, but there are imported cases.

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Dengue is estimated to affect up to 400 million people worldwide every year. Dengue is not endemic in Australia. However, it became nationally notifiable in 1991. Until 2009, there were typically less than 100 notifications a year, many of which were imported from Papua New Guinea. Since then, however, there has been an upward trend to as many as 1200 imported cases a year, mainly from travellers who visit Indonesia. North Queensland experiences outbreaks of dengue every year from returning travellers. The largest recent outbreak in Australia was in 2016 where there were over 2000 confirmed cases, including many from Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.


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Lynden Clark
29 Jul 2022
Concise and interesting
Vicki cooper
30 Mar 2021
Ebony henderson
06 Dec 2020
Really great simple read.
Portrait of Christina Wright
Christina Wright
13 Sep 2021
I was very impressed whilst reading this subject matter on Dengue Fever. It clarified a few questions in my mind, I now feel reasonably confident in understanding transmission and associated symptoms.
Cinu Philip
11 Feb 2021
Maria Villar
01 May 2021
Dengue virus leads to fatality. Medical researches and studies evidence-based cases of patient have the dengue fever virus came from mosquitoes. It is transmitted by mosquito bites to human beings. It is highly contagious and deadly when not treated immediately. Prevention from dengue mosquitoes must have clean area where the mosquitoes might be nesting. In the garden where dumped waste area must be regularly clean and maintain cleared. Clear empty basins or pails where water is laid for days. It invites the mosquito to best. Report to community council to have mosquito fogging to prevent the mosquitoes multiplied.
Nicholas Jensen
10 Jan 2021
very informative
Debra Curran
04 Jan 2021
Excellent informative overview of dengue fever in Australia.
07 Nov 2021
Interesting update and new knowledge gained
Bina Baniya
21 Mar 2021
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