Oral Health for Older Adults

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Good mouth care is important - not only for oral health but also for general health and wellbeing. Poor dental health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even certain cancers. While oral health issues are not inevitable with age, older adults over 50 are significantly more likely to experience problems with their teeth and gums.

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Oral health can be defined as ‘the ability to eat, speak and socialise without discomfort or active disease in the teeth, mouth or gums’. It is integral to a person’s overall wellbeing and quality of life and contributes significantly to positive ageing.


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Rosellie RAMIREZ
26 Jul 2021
very well explained.
Jennifer Horsley
22 Jul 2021
FOR older people, their particular needs and pointers of extra symptoms they can get, were outlined. The article outlined how oral health affects other aspects of lifestyle, health and gave signs to be aware of. It also explained how to gain an aged clients trust to perform oral care, as well as how to effectively clean dentures
Carla Toonen
09 Jul 2022
Student Nurse or Midwife
Thank you ️ great in-depth explanation of how to best assess & assist people with their oral hygiene.
Tina Daley
12 Jan 2023
Catherine Sinclair
12 Jan 2021
Extremely factual and well presented.The information was extremely helpful in updating knowledge of the importance of regular oral care to prevent infection and disease.
Portrait of Heather Dodd
Heather Dodd
22 Aug 2020
Oral hygiene is important for general & cardiac health. Oral examination with early intervention is vital for early diagnosis & best outcome.
Monalisa Mahe
06 Mar 2023
Assistant in Nursing (AIN)
easy to understand and well documented
naomi bolton
23 Jul 2021
Very informative, and relevant to oral health care, especially in the older age group
Ashley Thornell
18 Jul 2021
Very informative.
Geraldine Ogden
31 Aug 2020
Very insightful to the impacts of poor oral health on other health areas
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