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Is there a safe level of alcohol? Despite what our societal values may tell us, the answer may surprise you. Alcohol is an incredibly toxic substance that affects our bodies at a cellular level. Join Jana Van der Jagt as she explains the basics of alcohol intake on our livers.


Jana Van der Jagt

Jana Van der Jagt is a hepatology nurse practitioner from the Mid North Coast of NSW where she established and developed the Port Macquarie Liver Clinic. She has worked in the field of hepatology for 18 years. Her current roles include the provision of comprehensive liver disease assessment and management in private practice at Port Macquarie Gastroenterology as well as consultancy services developing and delivering education for healthcare workers. Particular interests include advanced liver disease, nurse education, and the development of responsive models of care. Jana’s qualifications include graduate diploma in critical care nursing, graduate diploma adult education and training, and a master of nursing (nurse practitioner).



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Informative lecture. The information about the metabolizing process of alcohol was fascinating.

Wendy Somers
13 Oct 2018

Informative, presentation could have been more engaging.

Maree Wearne
05 Jul 2018

Very informative lecture

Josie Wilson
30 May 2018


Devika Nandanimala
21 May 2018

Detailed account of effects of alcohol on the liver. Informative but mostly read from slides so not very engaging

Mary Rothery
19 May 2018

Good presentation

Edmond Thaw
16 May 2018


Jenna He
03 May 2018


Susan Mitchell
01 May 2018

Brief but formative!

sejinnam sejinnam
22 Apr 2018

Was informative.

Maree Findlay
11 Apr 2018

Relevant information as alcohol is so prevalent in our society.

Michele Selby
25 Mar 2018

A good starting point for understanding the progression of alcohol induced liver disease and useful for educating patients.

gary marshall
21 Feb 2018

Very interesting to know what is happening on a cellular level to the person with the illness. Will start to improve my ability to communicate better with the Doctor and further improve my understanding of pathology results.

Julia Margaret Speakman
14 Feb 2018

Really interesting

Julia Margaret Speakman
14 Feb 2018

Lots of very technical information which was interesting but not really what I required - I was looking for information that could provide simple patient education

Keith Wolf
31 Dec 2017

This was a very interesting lecture and my knowledge was updated on the current alcohol intake guidelines and stages of liver disease.

Alison Wright
31 Dec 2017