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Cover image for lecture: Bariatric Surgery: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Lecture Overview

When are surgical interventions for weight loss indicated, which type, for who, and why? This session will provide an overview of the surgical approaches to weight loss and include some of the pros and cons of various common procedures.


Portrait of Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Visit

Catherine Smith is a Nurse Practitioner who runs an holistic weight loss clinic in Brisbane and who has worked within the obesity sector for several years. As well, she has many years experience as a nurse educator. For the past 25 years, Catherine has been a registered nurse, working in intensive care and perioperative areas. Currently, she works as a perioperative nurse surgical assistant with general, gynaecology, and bariatric surgeons. Over the past several years, Catherine has served on nursing association committees, including the Obesity Map of Medicine redevelopment working group.


35 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of David Lewis
David Lewis
03 Oct 2019

The video was very informative and stimulated further exploration of the topic including research findings pertaining to the neurplastic effects of bariatric surgery.

Generic portrait
Brearne Barnes
09 Sep 2019

Great overview of Bariatric Surgery and the importance of thorough follow up.

Generic portrait
Laura Spilstead
22 Jul 2019

more time would be better

Generic portrait
Hsueh-Fu Hung
28 May 2019

The educator's explanation is clear and brief. All of the requirements of undergoing surgery are listed. Thanks for this informative video.

Generic portrait
Justine John
12 May 2019

Very informative, thank you

Generic portrait
Elyssa Wedd
13 Apr 2019

A very interesting online article and it is certainly relative to today's society, because we have such a growing number of potential bariatric patients. It was certainly worthwhile for any healthcare worker, to see this online activity.

Generic portrait
jane prezma
24 Mar 2019

Very clear and informative.

Generic portrait
Andrew Markula
23 Mar 2019

Great presentation Catherine.

Generic portrait
Caitilin McTaggart
18 Mar 2019

Interesting and informative.

Generic portrait
Maria Elizabeth de Groot
06 Mar 2019

this was very interesting and has updated my knowledge.

CPD26m of CPD
Total Rating(s)  35
Published13 February 2019
Expires18 June 2020
Bariatric Surgery
Weight Management
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