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Time to slow down... and enjoy the next informative presentation from Joanne Reading in her ECG series as she explores the topic of bradyarrhythmias at a leisurely pace. Between sinus bradycardia, junctional rhythms, and heart blocks, there is much to cover in this area. Refresh your knowledge on these arrhythmias and how to manage each different type.


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Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!




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Stephen Brian Smith
19 Mar 2019

Very well done and presented in a fashion that was easy to understand and follow.

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Limor Weingarten
28 Dec 2018

Need to go back and Rv & probably find some ECG strips to work for myself to have a better picture in my mind

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Sheldon George
15 Nov 2018

Wow fantastic educator

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Kriebel felicja
22 Oct 2018

Very interesting and useful lecture.

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Michelle Cole
17 Sep 2018

This presenter makes it so much easier to understand

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Karen Tuohy
10 Jul 2018

Brilliant explanation of bradyarrythmias - thank you Jo.

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Lei Zhang
26 Jun 2018

wonderful presentation

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Sophie Sophie
15 Jun 2018


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Travis McAndrew
12 Jun 2018


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Joanne Sealey
08 Jun 2018

I would recommend this education to other health professionals