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This silent killer is more dangerous than we suspect - about 50% of people who experience severe, acute carbon monoxide poisoning will become neurologically disabled and may suffer from lifetime neurological problems that render them unable to function without help. And this is unable to be treated. In this frank talk, Dr Shaun Greene explores the largely unknown and unsuspected toxicity that can arise from carbon monoxide poisoning, and if hyperbaric oxygen therapy really is the best treatment...


Shaun Greene

Dr Shaun Greene is a clinical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who works at Austin Health in Melbourne. He is currently medical director of the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and director of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. Shaun trained as a clinical toxicologist in the United Kingdom where he developed a keen professional interest in recreational drugs. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical opioid harm reduction.




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Engaging and thought provoking.

Jacqueline Whiteway
14 May 2018


Michele Selby
28 Mar 2018