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In this advanced practice presentation, suitable for Nurse Practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians, Dr Jenny Gowan uses case studies to highlight the complexities faced by healthcare professionals in managing patients according to relevant guidelines. Focusing on heart failure and COPD guidelines, test your knowledge and skill and see if you can crack the case...


Jenny Gowan

Jenny, a practising pharmacist, is a teaching associate at Monash University, Melbourne and a clinical associate of RMIT University. She is a member of the PSA Branch committee, the Expert Group for Therapeutic Guidelines – Respiratory version 5, an editorial board member of AUS-DI, SHPA "Don’t Rush to Crush", the Guidelines Committee for the Australian Asthma Handbook (AAH) and the writing group for the RACGP ‘Medical Care of older persons in RACF’ (Silver book). Jenny is an accredited consultant pharmacist who conducts her own company, which focuses on medication reviews in the home and aged care facilities, plus education, writing, training, and consultation. Jenny works regularly in community pharmacy plus sessions in a GP clinic at a Community Health Centre. She has published over 400 educational articles. Jenny has presented talks at many Australian and international conferences to GPs, nurse practitioners, nurses, podiatrists, pharmacists, and other health professionals. In 2013, she was awarded the Australian Pharmacist of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and, in 2016, the AACP-MIMs Australian Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.




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Interesting, Excellent and dynamic! Fantastic comprehensive case studies with insight and results from the Sprint study. Thank you

Maryanne O'Neill
01 Nov 2018

Very well presented.

Karen Church
19 Oct 2018

This lecture is well worth spending time listening too. No lost words in this presentation. Excellent presentation.

Julie Parmar
04 Oct 2018

Very good to review existing knowledge and build on that understanding.

Angela Wessling
20 Sep 2018

The lady coughing in the audience was a bit distracting be careful misophones!

Valerie Courreges
23 Aug 2018

Excellent topic that we all need to be aware of. Interactions of drugs and comorbidities in a client can have devastating effects if not followed up.

27 Jul 2018

Very helpful may need to educate other staff in my workplace

Troy King
14 Jul 2018

I would recommend this education to other health professionals:

Joanne Sealey
13 Jun 2018

I would recommend this education to other health professionals. Learn't so much.

Sharon Fahey
10 Jun 2018

I thought this was valuable information I can put into my daily practice

Rebecca Cradock
31 May 2018

Very engaging presentation

Rita edbrooke
31 May 2018

It was interesting and engaging

Eden Kersten
30 May 2018

Excellent content.

Mandy Long
28 May 2018

This lecture was very informative and easy to understand.

Jacelyn Partridge
28 May 2018

Very informative. Systematic view of problem solving individual situations. Drug interactions/complications can be so easily overlooked

Clare Morcom
27 May 2018


Stephen Dunk
24 May 2018


Louise Huang
21 May 2018

Very informative.

Michelle Lipman
19 May 2018

Highly informative, and an engaging lecture.

Marian Galpin
19 May 2018

Highly informative and enjoyable lecture.

Marian Galpin
19 May 2018

Very well presented session

Wendy O'Donnell
19 May 2018

Good case studies of Chronic Health Management and how important it is to have good coordination of care between health professionals.

Karina Day
17 May 2018

Very informative

Dorothy-anne burrows
17 May 2018

It has been a very informative session.

Iana Villacastin
17 May 2018

Exc ellent presentation made more interesting by care studies which show how medications interact

Roseanne Williams
16 May 2018

Great presentation. very informative

Roseanne Williams
16 May 2018


Kahondo Mutsa
16 May 2018


Anna Roxas
16 May 2018


16 May 2018

Better understanding ofcomplex Issues

Nanette HAYNES
15 May 2018

The Educator was engaging at times but the topic was a bit dry.

Cathy Cain
13 May 2018

The session was informative. From listening to the presenter and the auto generated reflection this was aimed at senior clinicians at the level of Nurse Practitioner. However there was useful information to assist the average RN/EN. I would like to see my organisation invite patients/clients to share their journey but also see grand rounds introduced.

Colin Ellis
13 May 2018


Christine Lynette Kinross
12 May 2018

To be honest a little static, and the blood pressure part needs updating

Eillen Anne (Sandy) Roessler
12 May 2018


Sarah Ashby
11 May 2018

Appropriate and useful information to know within my field of nursing

Jo Teague
11 May 2018