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Lecture Overview

Considered one of the biggest developments in medical research, this session introduces the revolutionary concept of the relationship between gut health and mental health. Geoffrey Ahern gives some practical examples of how making very small changes to your diet can have a profound impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing.


Portrait of Geoffrey Ahern
Geoffrey Ahern

Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician and educator who splits his time between working with people in a mental health crisis in the ED setting and working proactively in educating other health professionals and the community about how to better understand mental health problems and also substance use and addiction. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in emergency and trauma, rural nursing, alcohol and other drug counselling, and psychiatric nursing across both the public and private sectors. He holds a masters of health science (mental health and addiction). Geoff is particularly fascinated by the impact that exercise, nutrition, community, meaning and purpose, and practices like yoga have on a person’s mental health as well as living a simple life of reflection, contentment, and wonderment.




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Nicholas Stewart Cleave
12 Mar 2019

Excellent, knowledgeable presentation

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Tania Hill
06 Mar 2019

My favourite clip so far. Everyone should watch this.

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Susan Mayne
04 Mar 2019


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Jo Bielby
19 Jan 2019

Great viewing

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Jillian Gotts
12 Nov 2018

It was excellent and whet my appetite for further learning.

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carin newman
15 Jun 2018

Engaging and informative

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Marian Soares
26 Apr 2018

Very very interesting, beneficial and achievable to implement.

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Kelly Bidlake
13 Apr 2018

Great lecture once again from Geoff. Informative and relevant. Great to see nutrition is finally being put into the spotlight in relation to health, particularly plant based nutrition which is gaining more attention and appraisal.

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Udo Hoffmann
07 Apr 2018

Excellent and highly relevant presentation. Food for thought.

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Udo Hoffmann
07 Apr 2018

Fascinating lecture, well presented and highly relevant. Well done!