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Lecture Overview

Join obstetric medicine physician and haematologist, Dr Briony Cutts, for an essential overview of HELLP syndrome. Characterised by haemolysis, elevated liver enzyme levels, and low platelet levels, this concise lecture will draw on a recent case presentation to cover the signs and symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and management of this condition.


Portrait of Briony Cutts
Briony Cutts

Dr Briony Cutts is an obstetric medicine physician and haematologist who completed her fellowship in 2012. She worked as a fellow at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne and Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She works at several major Melbourne metropolitan teaching hospitals including the Royal Women’s, Box Hill, and Sunshine hospitals and is actively involved in research and teaching haematology and obstetric medicine to physicians, pathology and obstetric trainees, obstetricians, gynaecologists, and midwives. She is published in peer-reviewed journals and regularly presents at conferences both nationally and internationally. See Educator Profile

CPD40m of CPD
First Published14 July 2019
Updated14 July 2019
28 April 2022
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