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The ability to communicate quickly and decisively, across a lattice-work of interactions is essential in today’s fast-paced and complex healthcare context. This session looks at how to refine your communication skills in the workplace to be more assertive when advocating for your patient, and why emotional intelligence is a big factor when communicating in a high-stress setting.


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Jane Stanfield is a health service improvement coach. She comes with 30 years’ experience in healthcare, half as a clinician and half in health administration, support and coaching. Having had a brush with burnout herself and several close family members receiving healthcare, her focus is on bringing compassion back to healthcare for all involved. Her current use of neuroscience and mindfulness at work enables healthcare providers to work with their own mind, emotions and behaviour to influence their culture in a way that will energise and motivate them as they manage the safety and reliability of their care and its focus on the patient—whilst caring for themselves. Jane is currently coaching several nurse leaders; and runs workshops on leadership, shaping cultures, wellbeing, and communication and patient safety (CAPS). Her most recent professional development personally is in LEAN thinking – reducing waste and improving flow in healthcare….because waste is disrespectful to people!


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Portrait of Jodie Lloyd
Jodie Lloyd
18 May 2019

Some great tips on using graded assertiveness.

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Gertrude Manyota
07 May 2019

Interesting information.

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Jill Jaap
06 May 2019

Really great resource for a relatively new nurse who is also shy! I will definitely use the PACE acronym.

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Michelle gilfoyle
03 May 2019

Reall great lecture expanding on risk and communication and the role of assertiveness in preventing harm.

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Catherine Hillan
29 Apr 2019

Great ideas

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Rachiel Kagonda
27 Apr 2019


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Marcia G Gomez
20 Mar 2019

the information was good I wish there would be more samples I do use the SBAR but was good to learn about graded assertiveness only the static voice quality was not good

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Sharon Gatt
06 Mar 2019

this was a good way of looking at how best to respond in certain situations we may often come across in our day to day work life.

Portrait of Melissa kendon
Melissa kendon
16 Sep 2018

Great speaker

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Jayne andrea Postill
14 Jun 2018

I really like this podcast, It highlighted the points where I find myself comfortable and able to be assertive in a non-judgemental manner.I do this easily and with self awareness, I have never found myself in a confrontational manner with my patients due to this acknowledgement of myself. Being self aware and knowing what your body language is stating from someone else point of view.

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Total Rating(s)  58
Published15 March 2018
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