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What is ice and how does it differ from other methamphetamines? Known by multiple names, ice is a crystallised form of methamphetamine. They physiological effects of this stimulant on the human body are vast. This session explains what ice is, where it comes from and how it is taken.


Shaun Greene

Dr Shaun Greene is a clinical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who works at Austin Health in Melbourne. He is currently medical director of the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and director of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. Shaun trained as a clinical toxicologist in the United Kingdom where he developed a keen professional interest in recreational drugs. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical opioid harm reduction.




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Found this lecture to be very informative and easy to understand

Amanda Tuckwell
20 Nov 2018

Very informative

Craig Peters
17 Nov 2018

Engaging presenter with anecdotal and research based evidence. Highly recommended.

Julie Grosse
04 Nov 2018

Very interesting and I gained a lot from this presentation.

Sally Warriner
24 Oct 2018

Interesting and informative

Gloria Mabbott
14 Oct 2018

Very informative lecture, thank you

Nicole Mackin
07 Sep 2018

Easy to watch, and be engaged in learning - very educational and relevant if working in the ED.

Kristie Denholm
30 May 2018

Very onteresting

Diana Maritza Montoya Mateus
30 May 2018

Very good lecture! Engaging and interesting.

Lily Francis
30 May 2018

It was an interesting topic relevant to mental health nursing. The effect of Meth has becoming more predominant nowadays in a mental health setting. The educator was able to give a profound information about it.

Omar Jainuddin
28 May 2018

Very Informative particularly in relation to the treatment aspect

tracey lackmann
27 May 2018


Devika Nandanimala
24 May 2018

Very interesting. Concise information and useful advice in dealing with drug affected clients

Caroline Gray
20 May 2018

Found this really informative

Kylie McLeod
15 May 2018


Hayley Mackay
14 May 2018

Very engaging and very informative. Easy to listen to and to learn from.

Cathy Cain
09 May 2018

Engaging and very informative.

Anne Kinghorn
08 May 2018

Great lecture

Dorothy Bardoutsos
04 May 2018

Fantasitc presentation

Lynette Bradley
23 Apr 2018

Excellent informative lecture

Aimee Rattenbury
23 Apr 2018

Excellent presentation. Very informative and interesting to watch.

Philippa Costello
20 Apr 2018

I tear sting to listen to.

Stewart morris
20 Apr 2018

I would highly recommend this presentation to other registered nurses.

Russell Webb
12 Apr 2018

Absolutely brilliant presentation by a very knowledgeable clinician.

Udo Hoffmann
08 Apr 2018

Excellent and informative presentation

Udo Hoffmann
08 Apr 2018


alisdair alisdair
06 Apr 2018


Soumyamol Binesh
04 Apr 2018

The lecturer kept my attention right through and presented information at level that was easy for me to understand.

Andreas Waltmann
21 Mar 2018

This Lecture is highly recommended

Sczerina hobday
20 Mar 2018

Unfortunately this pod cast didn't allow the viewer to see most of the pictures and slide show, so at times it was hard to put it all together I think I missed a lot

Bettina Jane Lowe
16 Mar 2018

Having limited knowledge on this subject, I found the History very interesting and have gained a lot more knowledge all round. Interesting and very well presented.

Vanessa Rudman
13 Mar 2018

Well presented. Excellent resource.

Alvina Lund
07 Mar 2018

Great lecture, very informative

Riza Magnaye
06 Mar 2018

Informative and engaging

Sally Kinsella
04 Mar 2018

I learned a lot from this presentation in an area that I cosidered myself already well versed

Nicholas Stewart Cleave
03 Mar 2018

Very informative

stacey begg
28 Feb 2018

Great lecture. Very informative.

Jeffrey lapera
27 Feb 2018

Very worthwhile.

Andrew Markula
27 Feb 2018

Easy to listen to and informative

Maureen Huggins
26 Feb 2018

Excellent learning

Debra joy fletcher
24 Feb 2018

good presentation

mary susan delos reyes
20 Feb 2018

Fantastic speaker. Very informative and easy to follow. Very relevant content

Philip jeffery
19 Feb 2018

Great lecture

joshua bold
13 Feb 2018

Very informative worth watching

Natalie Mahar
13 Feb 2018

Very imformative talk

Robyn Smith
13 Feb 2018

Very worthwhile time spent watching this presentation.

Ruth Dukes
11 Feb 2018

I found this an excellent presentation. Very clear and with very good practical information relating to assessment and treatment. It particularly highlighted that people with amphetamine psychosis recover from psychotic symptoms quickly and extended psychotic symptoms should be investigated as potential underlying other psychotic disorder. Furthermore the incident of depression and anxiety is very high in this population, again indicating the need for mental health services as an important part of consumer care.

Ruth Dukes
11 Feb 2018

The educator was wwonderful. I learnt an enormous amount I would definitely encourage others to watch this presentation.

Merrilyn Lambert
08 Feb 2018

Was excellent, educational

Eva Bodnar
07 Feb 2018

Was very educational and should be advertised more the side effect of short or long time users

Eva Bodnar
07 Feb 2018

Very well presented. Great knowledge and confident approach. I learnt a lot from this presentation.

Jasmine Buchanan
03 Feb 2018

Very well presented and presenter was confident.This is great source of education.It enhances the practices of administration of drugs accordingly.All effects positive or negative can be analysed before administrations of drugs.

Renu Renu
02 Feb 2018

Very interesting I learnt a lot

Julie Madden
31 Jan 2018


Susan Mayne
30 Jan 2018

Very informative

Leone McGregor
29 Jan 2018

Very interesting.

Dorthy soderdahl tosh
29 Jan 2018

Well presented and explained

Dianne Williams
28 Jan 2018

asolutely brilliant, learnt a lot about the affects ICE has on the body. And what can be first line drug to help handle an affected patient Interesting that they get hyperthermia and that cooling the body down is paramount to helping the pt recover That the drug causes vaso spasms and often cerebral bleeding.

Susan thompson
27 Jan 2018