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Cover image for lecture: Identifying and Managing Unstable Bradycardia

Lecture Overview

In this lecture, popular Ausmed presenter Joanne Reading takes you through potential bradyarrhythmias and their clinical consequences. Using real examples, you'll be able to practice interpreting bradyarrhythmias, including atrioventricular blocks, and know how to best manage them. A great introduction, or a timely refresher for all.


Portrait of Joanne Reading
Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42-bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called 'Blogging for your Noggin'. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process! See Educator Profile


21 Total Rating(s)
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Dylan Jenkins
23 Oct 2019

Really good lecture, very interesting and easy to follow.

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14 Oct 2019

Good lecture

Portrait of Alicia White
Alicia White
27 Sep 2019

My favourite lecturer!

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Lynette Felix
20 Sep 2019

Once again educator Joanne Reading very informative, interesting and made easy to understand.

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Gary Macreadie
20 Sep 2019

Good learning tool and engaging knowledgeable presenter

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Abbey Creighton
19 Sep 2019

Very informative and presented learning material in a way the I could understand.

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Julie Wilson
16 Sep 2019

Would be of benefit if the presentation included what the presenter was pointing to

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georgia georgia
09 Sep 2019

This resource gave me some knowledge behind why patients get bradycardia, however some of the information was very in depth

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Kaila Johnston
28 Aug 2019

Great podcast, new knowledge gained with old refreshed.

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Teresa Dempsey
21 Aug 2019

I really enjoy education courses by this instructor. She really makes things easy to grasp and understand. She keeps things simple and gives me my confidence back when feeling a bit rusty.

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Total Rating(s)  21
Published24 June 2019
Expires15 July 2021
Clinical Cardiology
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