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Cover image for lecture: Malignant Hyperthermia

Lecture Overview

A rare reaction with a potentially fatal outcome, Erin Wakefield describes the genetic condition that is malignant hyperthermia. This crucial lecture draws awareness to the life-saving knowledge health professionals need to have in time-pressured situations.


Portrait of Erin Wakefield
Erin Wakefield

Erin Wakefield has recently completed a Master of Nursing via Research and is preparing to commence PhD. She holds Post Graduate qualifications in Clinical Simulation and Perioperative Nursing. Erin has been a perioperative nurse for over 20 years, and is currently enjoying teaching in the tertiary sector. She has worked in the private, public, remote and metro perioperative settings, and counts as a career highlight working in northern Kenya for Red Cross as a theatre manager. Erin has a true passion for empowering nurses through education. She is a strong advocate for graduate nurses in the perioperative setting, in particular through development of an invested preceptorship team, and creation of a safe learning environment. Her other professional interests include multi-disciplinary simulation, research, and creating a positive learning culture through interactive, hands on and engaging educational initiatives. See Educator Profile


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narelle windle
09 Jan 2020

Interesting and updating of information given as I work in the PACU and am responsible for maintaining guidelines for MH

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Rachelle Yao
07 Jan 2020

very good resource because this help me boost my knowledge on how to properly handle pt who suffers from malignant hyperthermia. And this video taught me on how to easily and properly assess the patient who is having signs and symptoms of malignant Hyperthermia. In regards with medications,this video taught me what should be the proper management of malignant hyperthermia.

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Mark Daniel O'Donoghue
18 Dec 2019

Great resource, to the point and what you need to look for and management end points

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Matthew Thompson
26 Nov 2019

Good talk

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Caroline Jenkins
16 Nov 2019

I found this a very interesting topic as I had no prior knowledge of this condition.

Portrait of Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson
13 Nov 2019

Thank you for presenting a very important engaging topic.

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Steven Picknell
22 Oct 2019

This resource was fantastic I feel more confident now with any MH patients I may encounter due to some new knowledge gained.

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Dianne Paddock
23 Sep 2019

Excellent presentation

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Chris Gaddes
14 Sep 2019

MH is Rarely seen in the paramedical setting, however with rapid deterioration possible and patients having increased RSI in the field by helicopter doctors it is becoming a more relevant area on road Paramedics May be exposed too.

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Lynette Felix
11 Sep 2019

Good presentation,well worth recommendation to other health professionals .