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Join Leanne Boase, Nurse Practitioner, as she delivers this short and sharp presentation on how you can ensure you take a best possible medication history with any patient. Although this presentation is aimed at advanced clinicians, the principles of taking an accurate and thorough medication history apply to all healthcare professionals. A great refresher not to be missed.


Leanne Boase

Leanne Boase is a Nurse Practitioner with a background in critical care and paediatrics. She currently practices across three GP clinics in Melbourne. She has also built, owned, and operated her own GP practice and is now a director of the Prime Medical Property Group, developing and building properties in the health sector. Leanne also does business planning and is the author of "Medical Business Management", aimed at assisting health professionals to start their own businesses. Leanne is the current President, and a Fellow of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners. She works as a casual academic. Her qualifications include a master of nursing (Nurse Practitioner) and a master of health science (education).




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The key reminder was to take an accurate history-review medication history for drug interactions, poly pharmacy and iatrogenic effects. This was the underlying message for health professionals. Accurate history taking, communication with relevant health professionals and patient education are key components to medication reconciliation. This facilitates closing the loop and decreasing the chance of medication error. I agree with the comment on the e health software. This will fail if not updated by all health professionals in the patient chain. Collaboration is paramount.

Neil Mcintyre
07 Nov 2018


James Brown
15 Sep 2018

Good reminder of the importance of history taking

leonie Nixon
09 Jul 2018

Very insightful and very useful information. Thank you

shea Hine
04 Jul 2018

Great presentation. Gave me a different perspective on medication safety. Well and clearly presented.

Yolanda Lingham
06 Jun 2018

well presented, easy learning and important points highlighted

Liz Flack
06 Jun 2018

great in service, good understanding, great presenter, easily understood

Liz Flack
06 Jun 2018

Great session interesting. Got me thinking.

Susan Anderson
05 Jun 2018

excellent communicator

Wendy Boehringer
31 May 2018

Well presented

Mark James
29 May 2018


Princess Abigail Vero
26 May 2018

Reinforced existing knowledge

Naomi Lewis
26 May 2018

Sussinct lecture with lots of food for thought

Vicki lees
25 May 2018

very good lecture

john glendenning
24 May 2018


Ruth Curtis
24 May 2018

Short and sharp. Great information and some thought provoking stories. I would recommend.

Louise Paul
23 May 2018

Great course.

Victoria Carpenter
23 May 2018

yes very easy to understand and was great to listen to.

Tracy Kiddle
22 May 2018

Medication Reconciliation beyond the medication list. very well presented and enforced the important when receiving / documentation from the client there medical history and current medications. For my own learning at times I do ask the Client when giving out medications " what's this tablet For" if they say I don't now ! I voice my concern to RN and MO .

Adele Mackie
21 May 2018


Kahondo Mutsa
19 May 2018

This educator was very engaging.

Denise Whittaker
19 May 2018

Very informative

Helen Kelloway
18 May 2018