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Some medicines can cause people to gain weight while others may assist to lose it. Learn the appropriate practice when prescribing weight-loss medicines and what the success and associated side effects weight-loss medicines can have.


Portrait of Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith is a Nurse Practitioner who runs an holistic weight loss clinic in Brisbane and who has worked within the obesity sector for several years. As well, she has many years experience as a nurse educator. For the past 25 years, Catherine has been a registered nurse, working in intensive care and perioperative areas. Currently, she works as a perioperative nurse surgical assistant with general, gynaecology, and bariatric surgeons. Over the past several years, Catherine has served on nursing association committees, including the Obesity Map of Medicine redevelopment working group.




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Nicholas Stewart Cleave
21 Feb 2019

Very knowledgeable presenter

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Sandra Addison
15 Feb 2019

Clear and concise education that gave me better understanding and resolve.

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Julie schiller
06 Feb 2019

Well presented & knowledgeable Presenter

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suzanne roslyn mason
04 Feb 2019

the speaker had a lot off knowledge.

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Chrispen svosve
04 Jan 2019

Knowledge gained

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Rosamund Simonsen
25 Nov 2018

Ok. Would like to have been able to see the slides clearer.

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Angela Wessling
16 Nov 2018

It was interesting to hear about medications that cause weight gain.

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Susan Sinclair
15 Nov 2018

Well presented and informative

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Jillian Gotts
11 Nov 2018

Very interesting, the statistics are frightening, it's become a huge problem in our Western world and we need to deal with this issue. A very informative resource that will now make me ask the questions, have the conversation and engage multi discipline team members for a more supportive platform to encourage and promote success for the client. I really enjoyed this education resource.

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cecily5 shen5
09 Nov 2018

The fact