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Cover image for lecture: Melanoma: Our National Cancer

Lecture Overview

Australia is known for being "The Lucky Country" - but are we so lucky when it comes to our UV exposure and subsequent risk of melanoma? Join dermatology expert Jan Riley for this timely refresher on a national issue that you probably haven't talked about since childhood.


Portrait of Jan Riley
Jan Riley Visit

Jan Riley is a specialist dermatology nurse based in regional New South Wales, Australia. Her postgraduate studies include a Certificate in Dermatology Nursing (USA), Master of Nursing (NP) and Certificates in Dermoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine. Driven by a passion for “all things skin”, Jan is a staunch and passionate mentor and advocate, who is always ready and willing to share knowledge and inspire nurses to understand skin’s impact on daily lives. Her active participation in a range of professional activities has greatly assisted to raise the profile of dermatology and skin disease in the community. Jan currently develops and presents skin education modules through a co-directed nurse education company (Dermatology Nurse Education Australia) for nurses across all areas of care delivery.


18 Total Rating(s)
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Margaret Smith
31 May 2019


Generic portrait
Renee McDonald - Kettle
22 Jul 2018

Short & interesting points

Portrait of Rejeanna Cartwright
Rejeanna Cartwright
30 May 2018

Interesting subject for Australians.

Generic portrait
Sarah Willis
23 May 2018


Portrait of Janelle McIntosh
Janelle McIntosh
25 Apr 2018

Great video

Generic portrait
Devika Nandanimala
18 Apr 2018

Great information

Generic portrait
Sarah May Twibill
22 Mar 2018

A very informative talk on melanoma which was short, easy to digest and to the point.

Generic portrait
Kriebel felicja
13 Mar 2018

Very interesting lecture

Generic portrait
Anne W Campbell
12 Mar 2018

Need more education on this subject. Still in Australia we don't realize how bad skin exposure is even with sunscreen

Generic portrait
Ingrid van krevel
11 Mar 2018

Melanoma can be prevented if people become more aware.young people and older Australias still put themselves at risk thinking it won't effect the. Melanoma can spread very quickly and can spread before it is detected. More education should be done at schools. Sun cream has to be applied regularly and further prevention with hats and sitting in shade can assist.