Mouth Care Made Easy (PCAs and AINs)

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Lecture Overview

Mouth care is an everyday activity that assists in preventing a series of diseases and health complications. This lecture will help you consider why mouth care is a critical part of the day that we need to allow more time for. It discusses techniques to use to improve oral health for patients and residents.


Portrait of Kathryn Salamone
Kathryn Salamone

Kathryn Salamone has worked in nursing for over 30 years. In the years since, Kathryn has completed a masters of nursing science, a graduate diploma of education (nursing), a graduate certificate in clinical practice and management (oncology), and she is currently enrolled in a master of public health. Her main clinical focus was oncology, haematology, palliative care and aged care nursing; with the last 20 years in various clinical education and teaching roles. She is passionate about professional practice and the issues faced in nursing today. Kathryn currently works at a large metropolitan hospital in Victoria. See Educator Profile

CPD38m of CPD
First Published10 September 2019
Updated10 September 2019
03 December 2021
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