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Take a look at the pharmacology of common recreational drugs found at clubs, parties, festivals and other social events and how they are changing the way we practice healthcare. This session focuses on recreational drugs that have a stimulant effect including psychoactives, MDMA or ecstasy and cocaine.


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Shaun Greene

Dr Shaun Greene is a clinical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who works at Austin Health in Melbourne. He is currently medical director of the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and director of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. Shaun trained as a clinical toxicologist in the United Kingdom where he developed a keen professional interest in recreational drugs. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical opioid harm reduction.



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Mary Wyn
14 Aug 2019


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Deidre Murray
08 Jul 2019

Very informative. Presented well but it would've been good to see the actual slides that he was referring to.

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Milica Bosnjak
31 May 2019

The lecture was very interesting and informative. It provided detailed information on the pharmacology and clinical effects of different stimulant drugs available and enables health professionals to have a better understanding of the signs, symptoms and treatment necessary for the patient.

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Lisa Hannaford
30 May 2019


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Craig Fothergill
25 May 2019

Course was great , up dating my existing knowlege .

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Jessica Ryan
20 May 2019

Absolutely loved this presentation, the speaker was very engaging and the content was very interesting.

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Engelien connor
18 May 2019

This resource was informative and easy to understand.

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Natalie King
17 May 2019

I really learnt so much from this lecture. Thank you.

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07 May 2019

Good lecture

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Carolyn Chandler
03 May 2019

A clear presentation. A better understanding of the signs, symptoms and the adverse reaction to these party drugs.