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Peanut allergies are the most widely known allergy associated with anaphylaxis. While children tend to grow out of most food allergies, nut allergies often extend into adulthood. With advances in research coming out of Melbourne, is there a new secret weapon in preventing long-term peanut allergies? This session highlights an exciting and rapidly-advancing area of allergy health.


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Paxton Loke

Dr Paxton Loke is a Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist at the Melbourne Allergy Centre and Children’s Specialists Medical Group and a locum Consultant with the Department of Allergy and Immunology at the Royal Children’s Hospital. As a clinician-scientist, he is the current Principal Investigator of the multi-centre Probiotic and Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (PPOIT) study which aims to induce long lasting tolerance to peanut, at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. He has also published over 27 international journal publications including a book chapter and an international patent. A key project examined the state-wide prevalence of Victorian government school children at risk of anaphylaxis. Outside of work, Paxton enjoys spending quality time with his young family, in addition to serving the community in volunteer positions, and various outdoor activities.




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Caroline Robins
21 May 2019


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Elizabeth Taylor
20 May 2019

This was an informative picture of current treatment options and hope! available for reducing severity of peanut allergy response for those with severe allergic response. I probably have never thought about the degree of lifestyle anxiety associated with peanut allergy, as it was compared with diabetes in terms of overarching impact by the educator. While the end goal of long lasting sustained responsiveness to peanuts as a realistic goal is a beacon of hope to those who haven't been through oral immunotherapy or oral peanut and probiotic therapy it was worth noting that he also mandated that allergy sufferers will always need to carry an epipen due to continuing to ingest their allergen.

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Patricia Gardner
20 May 2019

This was very informative. Some screens were not shown which made it difficult to follow sometimes but I have noticed this on other videos as well. This may be a fault on my iPad.

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Lisa Cairns
19 May 2019

Informative with lots of percentages

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Linda Johnson
16 May 2019


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Nicole Bywaters
16 May 2019

Interesting information

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Joshua Vo
16 May 2019

The resource was very informative with great visual data and explanation of founding results.

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Tanya Charleson
15 May 2019

Very informative

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Anna Carter
15 May 2019

A research based lecture, not really a teaching resource, but interesting.

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Martin Mendoza
14 May 2019

Good content