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Party drugs can have a euphoric impact on the mind of a person... but what is actually happening to the brain to cause these feelings? In this session, take a look at the neurobiological effects of recreational drugs and why they can lead to addiction in some people.


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Heather Madsen Visit

Dr Heather Madsen is a behavioural neuroscientist at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Heather’s research relates to investigating the neural underpinnings of addiction with the aim of developing effective behavioural and pharmacological interventions.


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Tracey Nasveld
14 Sep 2019

Presenter was interesting and engaging . Interesting topic that is becoming increasingly relevant in day to day assessments.

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Tina Morse
21 Aug 2019

This lecture was valuable and informative and easy to understand

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Kay Wright
29 Jul 2019

Excellent presentation style

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Kay Wright
29 Jul 2019

Excellent presentation style

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Jennifer Small
17 Jul 2019

Concise and informative

Portrait of Jess Fullerton
Jess Fullerton
16 Jul 2019

Well presented and interesting.

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Karen Behm
05 Jul 2019

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Teresa Dempsey
05 Jul 2019

Excellent video, knowledgeable presenter and information very relevant to today’s nursing and life in general.

Portrait of Wendy johnson
Wendy johnson
26 Jun 2019

Succinct knowledge, well presented, relevant as statistics show Australia consumes a lot of MDMA

Portrait of Daryl Stuart
Daryl Stuart
20 Jun 2019

Interesting, informative, professionally presented and well structured.

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Total Rating(s)  58
Published27 May 2019
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