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What is a high-risk situation and how do you report it? Take a look at several legal case studies on how high-risk situations and incidents were handled (and mishandled), providing you a clear picture of the importance documentation plays in the safety for not only your patient, but your own.


Linda Starr

Dr Linda Starr is a general and mental health qualified nurse, lawyer, and associate professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her research interests have been in health law for health practitioners, criminal law, forensic health care, and elder abuse investigation and prosecution, which was the subject of her PhD. Linda is currently the chair of the state board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board, Australia, the director on the Board of Directors at the Aged Rights Advocacy Service, and is the founding president of the Australian Forensic Nurses Association. She has an extensive speaking record, nationally and internationally, on issues in health law, forensic nursing, and elder abuse.




29 Total Rating(s)

Dr Linda Starr is very information about the cases.

Jennylyn Calacsan
13 Dec 2018

Good session on accuracy of documentation

Deborah Stacey
18 Nov 2018

The video was interesting and engaging

Katherine Harris
04 Nov 2018

This lecture very worthwhile.

Annabel Holmes
26 Oct 2018

very good

dinia hipolito
13 Oct 2018

Very good

Gwenneth flaherty
12 Oct 2018

Interesting and informative

Wendy Somers
28 Sep 2018

Was great and very interesting.

Cherie Roberts
26 Sep 2018

This particular session , while engaging and informative, lacked in execution. The presenter often referred to slides which viewers could not see, leading to a little confusion as to which case was being discussed.

Judy Lindsay
23 Aug 2018

Interesting course. I mean haven't i have tobe more objective when writing notes.

Kathleen Ann Holland
14 Aug 2018

This lecture details many disturbing examples of poor or inadequate documentation, but provides key points to assist and prevent such issues arising int he future. A very timely reminder of the importance of the seemingly mundane 'report'.

jane prezma
07 Aug 2018

Very well researched. Excellent examples of what can happen when you do not document

Catherine Chapman
05 Aug 2018

Very interesting and informative. Reminds me to document well, and inspires me to try harder

Fiona Grant
04 Aug 2018

very interesting an frightening that if documentation is not of a high standard and understanding one can loose there registration so easy, wish more time was available for notes

Liz Flack
04 Aug 2018

Good refresher but a lot of slides were missed on the lecture.

Mark Jorgensen
03 Aug 2018

Great reminder

Carolyn cusack
03 Aug 2018

The educator frequently referred to slides that were off screen and not always added to the screen which made it a bit disappointing.

Donna Patterson
02 Aug 2018

Great lecture and as stated very scarey to absorb , so many missed opportunities to have done things better and not to have led to the coroners Nurses take note !!

Cathy castleton
02 Aug 2018

Good to listen to. Informative

Susan K March
02 Aug 2018

Very interesting going through real life case studies.

Caroline Sturtz
02 Aug 2018

Wide variety of areas of documentation, as well as verbal conversations that should be recorded.

Susan Williamson
02 Aug 2018

Very good

Narelle Bentley
02 Aug 2018

An informative and useful talk

margaret Galea
02 Aug 2018

Very scary

Limor Weingarten
02 Aug 2018

Good food for thought

Sarah Stenson
02 Aug 2018

Informative and relevant information provided

Maureen Huggins
01 Aug 2018

engaging, interesting case studies

01 Aug 2018

Informative and easy listening. Very good speaker

Candace Pederson
01 Aug 2018

Great reinforced knowledge of the absolute importance of clear, concise and competent documentation.

Hannah Pry
30 Jul 2018

Very useful and informative. An excellent reminder of old knowledge with some new facts and cases. Thought provoking.

Marie Ewart
30 Jul 2018

excellent and very interesting

Lina Davern
27 Jul 2018