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Cover image for lecture: Spinal Cord Injuries

Lecture Overview

A spinal cord injury can result in a sudden and debilitating change to a person’s life. Each person with a spinal cord injury will be able to function at a different level. In this lecture, Kirsty Walford describes the practical long-term care considerations for a person who has experienced a spinal cord injury.


Portrait of Kristy Walford
Kristy Walford

Kristy Walford is an Occupational Therapist who has worked on the Victorian Spinal Cord Service at Austin Health for over 20 years. In that time, she has worked in all settings including acute, rehabilitation and community. She has spent most of her time working on the Spinal Outreach Service where she works with clients living at home with a spinal cord injury who may be at risk of complications, primarily pressure areas. Her main interest is working with spinal injured clients who are ageing and managing ongoing changes to living with a long term spinal cord injury. See Educator Profile


30 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of stanley catts
stanley catts
19 Feb 2020

Injuries to the spinal chord might be partial or full.And depending on where,be it cervical or lumber various muscles are affected.So our client could be a hemi or a quad.So many possabilities

Generic portrait
Kelsey Tout
16 Feb 2020

Great thorough information

Generic portrait
Stephanie Zettl
06 Feb 2020

Great overview of spinal cord injuries.

Generic portrait
Donna Lee Apelu
16 Dec 2019

Good speaker. Clear concise yet informative session.

Generic portrait
Ashleigh Watson
23 Nov 2019

This resource succinctly covered the important aspects of spinal cord injuries. It also touched on the importance of respecting an individual's desire to maintain some autonomy over their body.

Generic portrait
Nicole Nicole
17 Nov 2019

A very thorough and easy to listen to and understand lecture. The statistics and treatment have come a long way, it is very interesting to listen to a professional so passionate and experienced in their field

Generic portrait
Jennifer Hudson
14 Nov 2019

This was an excellent lecture, very informative and practical.

Generic portrait
Rosina McKeen
29 Oct 2019

Overall good presenatation of the spinal cord injuries.

Generic portrait
Gillian Pringle
23 Oct 2019

resource was good just not relevant to my practice

Generic portrait
Dianne Zanotto
22 Oct 2019

I found the presenter very knowledgeable in her field of spinal injuries