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Cover image for lecture: Trauma and Emergency in Australia

Lecture Overview

In this lecture, Jane Mateer sets the scene for modern trauma management in an Australian context by defining the continuum of care concept, identifying nursing considerations in rural and remote settings, reviewing roles of the multidisciplinary team and how to prepare to receive a major trauma patient.


Portrait of Jane Mateer
Jane Mateer

Jane Mateer is a registered nurse with more than 25 years of experience in pre-hospital, metropolitan, and military settings. Her qualifications include a master in public health and a graduate diploma in advanced practice (nurse practitioner), as well as certificates in emergency nursing and education. A specialist in an emergency, paediatric, and trauma care, Jane currently works as a clinical support nurse in emergency, having previously worked as a clinical nurse consultant, clinical nurse educator, manager, and university lecturer. She is currently undertaking research into the experiences of Australian Army nurses. See Educator Profile


28 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Daryl Stuart
Daryl Stuart
07 Dec 2019

Interesting and thought-provoking

Generic portrait
David Stride
06 Dec 2019

Well presented, Slightly basic but covered topics well. Could have spoken about Helicopter Retrieval Services and their important role in Major Trauma.

Generic portrait
Gary Macreadie
04 Dec 2019

Good resource with information as to how emergency departments should be prepared

Generic portrait
Chung Him Tong
03 Dec 2019

I would love to participate in the full workshop.

Generic portrait
Philippa marriott
03 Dec 2019

Was very informative thanks

Generic portrait
Dianne Chand
02 Dec 2019

A very good and well spoken resource of the topic.

Generic portrait
Shinae Martin
29 Nov 2019

Great Resource!

Generic portrait
Jessica Bauer
28 Nov 2019

Informative and interesting

Generic portrait
Maria Holton
28 Nov 2019

The motor sports I am involved in requires a good knowledge of the regional hospitals in the areas we go to , quite often in country towns , not equipped for the trauma we encounter , an example was the Supercross at Moree this year where the regional hospital was inundated with trauma patients to the point that the event was stopped just after lunch. We had approximately 14 seriously injured patients where fixed wing and helicopter was deployed to transport to major hospitals when the local hospital was simply unable to cope with the volume and degrees of trauma

Generic portrait
Philip Heap
28 Nov 2019

Very informative lecture and related to my working environment