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Cover image for lecture: Understanding Atypical Anorexia

Lecture Overview

Someone within a healthy weight range may be suffering from atypical anorexia nervosa. Healthcare professionals must be able to identify and manage this life-threatening condition. In this lecture, Kristen Adams offers a dietician's perspective on the description of atypical anorexia nervosa, refeeding and the harmful impact starvation has on the body.


Portrait of Kristen Adams
Kristen Adams

Kristen Adams is an accredited practising dietitian who works as a grade 2 dietitian and general manager for Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition (PPN), a private practice dietetics company based predominately on the Mornington Peninsula. Having previously worked at the Austin Hospital, Kristen has a strong interest in clinical nutrition and is now based at Peninsula Private Hospital. She is also located at numerous private practice clinics, working in conjunction with the Victoria Diabetes and Endocrine Network, Peninsula Sports Medicine Group and Melbourne Bariatrics. Kristen is a firm believer in the motto 'practice what you preach'. She endeavours to inspire her clients to achieve their personal health and nutritional goals while providing them with the necessary support along the way. Her specialist areas include weight loss, diabetes management, food intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders and sports nutrition. See Educator Profile


22 Total Rating(s)
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Michael Howard
18 Jan 2020

Very Good.Insightful.So many triggers.

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Nicholas Stewart Cleave
13 Jan 2020


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Annalee Sherwin
10 Jan 2020

Very interesting and informative thoroughly covering the topic.

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Elena Keates
09 Jan 2020

Very useful and relevant to my place of practice.

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Dianne Chand
09 Jan 2020

There was alot of information in this topic. But it is a challenging one. Information was presented appropriately.

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Glenda Hawley
08 Jan 2020

Presenter was easy to follow and explained concepts well with a why component.

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Marie Nicole Roosmin
07 Jan 2020

A great resource on a lesser-known and less obvious eating disorder.

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Margaret Wayland-Peck
04 Jan 2020

The topic covered was interesting and informative. The additional notes were concise informative and added a deeper layer on understanding particularly around the damage caused by starvation.

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Catherine Papadopoulos
18 Dec 2019

Really well and clearly presented, intersting topic.

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bronwyn ann beecroft
18 Dec 2019