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Is it healthy to refer to your workplace as a family? What seems like an inclusive way to express how close you are with your colleagues, using the term 'family' in relation to work can often lead to violation of professional boundaries, career progression disappointments and disadvantages, and a tendency to 'marry the job'. This session will look at promoting healthier professional boundaries in your workplace


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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is a proud and vocal advocate of comprehensive health care with a passion for mental health nursing. Although initially starting her career in general nursing, working across the aged care sector, cardiac, medical, and later emergency departments, Amanda's desire to improve quality outcomes for those suffering with mental distress navigated her career towards mental health nursing and education. For the last 7 years, along with being a clinical practitioner in the mental health care arena, Amanda has additionally been privileged to work alongside some truly amazing academics as a sessional tutor teaching in tertiary institutions in Queensland for undergraduate nursing and paramedic degree students. Amanda's experience spans all facets of mental health nursing from acute triage and assessment, to emergency and special service co-response teams, to high dependency and case management. She is passionate about consumers receiving quality service from first contact throughout their entire mental health journey. She believes the fundamental issue for all consumers is the barriers of stigma and discrimination, which often prevents people from making that initial contact and receiving both accurate physical and mental health assessment. It is Amanda's ongoing intention to address these barriers through drawing on her own journey and experience, as well as through clinical practice, education, and ongoing professional development.



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Margo Height
16 Jul 2019

Good Lecture, pointed out looking after self in mind, body and spirit. Don't take stress home, Liaise with upper management about workload

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Julie Chacko
14 Jul 2019

Feels confident to workwith group of people in the same area.

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Rachele Natalina Zaval
13 Jul 2019

Great online learning for a happy workplace environment. Great realistic and achievable goals with lots of support and resources. Fantastic examples to stop the spread of gossip and not be a part of it. Very reassuring and encouraging to access support like AEP and why. Thank you:)

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Carien Rees
11 Jul 2019

very helpful

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Orana Wunder
08 Jul 2019

great topic very relevant in my area at this present time

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Andrew Markula
03 Jul 2019


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Therese whitton
03 Jul 2019

Quite good everyone knows there are problems in nursing evolving back to training 'missing 'clinical exposure from limited exposure to patient loads, responsibility time management , memorizing theory and with large patient loads it is unrealistic to perform 62 steps checklist when catheterizing a pt , when a patient has retention and in pain, we as grads feel pressured and are leaving the industry not from bullying , we are under exposed to clinical nursing during uni years. it is unfair to blame older staff they are our mentors, we graduate and are expected to work as an RN but have no exposure

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Jose Rancudo
30 Jun 2019

Topic on healthy workplace is a must for medical professional. It gives a very good insight in promoting healthy work place environment.

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Wendy Somers
26 Jun 2019

Very thought provoking.

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Nicole Louise Williams
18 Jun 2019

I found the presenter engaging and encouraging.