Assessment Contact Visits: How to Be Ready in 30 Mins

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In this session with Health and Aged Care Operations Specialist Carla Beheram, learn essential strategies for being fully prepared when assessors arrive at your doorstep. Discover the crucial first moves to make upon their arrival and gain practical insights on how to efficiently and effectively handle assessment contact visits.


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Carla Beheram is the COO for Anchor Excellence, a role she has held for 5 years. She is a proud Registered Nurse with business and management qualifications, She is a Certified Aged care Chair and holds credentials in Clinical Governance from the Institute of Clinical Governance. With over 20 years of senior management experience and an experienced advisor Carla has directly assisted over 20 services with serious non-compliance fulfilling the functions as Statutory Care & Services Advisor. She leads the AnchorAssure program and is a regular presenter via the Anchor Academy. She crafted the unique Online New Graduate Program and the clinical management and governance program. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Grad Certificate in Strategic Business. Carla’s real passion is supporting aged care organisations and teams to innovate and deliver change and sees the creation of advisory bodies in aged care as a real opportunity to drive further improvement.
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First Published17 January 2024
Updated17 January 2024
17 January 2026
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