Diets and Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders are a severe health diagnosis that can have fatal outcomes for people. Elaine Painter discusses the relationship between dieting and eating disorders in today's society, drawing on statistics, recent research findings, and her professional experience to offer an insight into the world of eating-related illnesses.


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Elaine Painter has a masters of primary health care. She has 40 years of experience in nursing, with a career that has included being a research CNC for drug and alcohol and community development for women with post-natal depression. Elaine established the Eating Disorder Outreach Service (EDOS) in 2001 and has led the service through 17 years of growth, with a name change in 2017 to QuEDS.
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First Published11 September 2019
Updated11 September 2019
30 July 2024
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