Intellectual Disability and Healthcare

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Intellectual disability is a lifelong condition that affects a person’s intellectual skills and behaviour in different situations. In part one of this series on intellectual disability, registered nurse and lecturer Natalie Conley looks at considerations for the care of people living with intellectual disability. She discusses three key types of intellectual disability: DiGeorge syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and autism, and looks at barriers to assessment and health outcomes.


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Natalie Conley is a registered nurse and lecturer in mental health and addictions and cultural safety for First Nations People with the Nursing and Midwifery team at James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland. She has extensive experience in forensic mental health and intellectual disability nursing. Natalie is currently finalising her PhD in the field of forensic intellectual disability nursing.
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First Published01 May 2023
Updated01 May 2023
01 May 2025
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