Pneumothorax and Pleural Drains

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Pneumothorax refers to air in the chest outside the lung, which is caused by a hole in the lung surface (visceral pleura) or chest wall (parietal pleura). In this lecture, respiratory nurse practitioner John Serginson discusses the principles of pleural drainage to manage pneumothorax, including assessment of the chest drain system, dressing care, and the management and prevention of potential issues.


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John Serginson has been a nurse practitioner in respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his nurse practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital, and is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 33 years’ experience as a nurse (over 20 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy and COPD models of care.
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First Published27 June 2023
Updated27 June 2023
27 June 2025
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