30 Nov–1 Dec 2023
2-Day Conference

Ausmed’s New Healthcare Conference for Educators and L&D Practitioners

Take your learning and development program to new heights!

A speaker addressing a conference

Ausmed Elevate 2023 is a new healthcare conference that will empower you and your team with the knowledge and practical skills needed to elevate your L&D program.


This learning and development conference is needed!

Providing high-quality healthcare is more dependent than ever on the skills and knowledge of our workforce. Complexity of care is increasing. Reforms and practices are continually changing.

Staff education, training, learning and development has never been more important for an organisation's performance and its resident/client/consumer outcomes.

Combining sound education principles with confident leadership is needed to move into the future of healthcare.

What’s the purpose of this conference?

The purpose of Ausmed Elevate 2023 is to provide team and organisational managers with the knowledge and skills to support the L&D needs of their staff and other members, by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their education plans and training plans.

Should I attend this conference?

This conference is made for people involved in mandatory training and the ongoing education of Australia’s healthcare workforce.

A dedicated event for:

  • L&D coordinators
  • Education managers
  • Training managers
  • Nurse educators

Ausmed Elevate '23 is for you!

Is this conference relevant to me?

This events program includes topics that relate to the entire healthcare workforce, regardless of service environment or care sector.

The program includes 2 dedicated care streams for:

  • The acute care sector
  • The aged care sector

The program also includes topics on the following service environments:

  • Home care
  • Residential care
  • Respite care
  • Acute care (including day surgery)

Why attend?

Education and clinical practice development is essential to an organisation and the wellbeing of our community. In a landscape of ongoing reform, workforce challenges and change, staying up-to-date is more critical than ever.

Secure your place today and take your learning and development program to new heights!


Secure your place today and take your learning and development program to new heights!

Day One Schedule

Welcome to Conference


Keynote: How to Change Behaviour

Adam Ferrier

We all want people to change whether we want consumers to buy more, employees to work more or colleagues to think more – if people did exactly what we wanted them to we would all be happier... and richer. In this provocative presentation, based on his best selling book, Adam Ferrier, the man driving consumer engagement for brands such as Levi’s and Pepsi, arms delegates with a new way of thinking around, and inspiring, lasting tangible change using a potent blend of human psychology and advertising know-how. Sharing his understanding of the fundamentals of why humans do what they do and buy what they buy Adam will:

  • Encourage delegates to utilize the behavioural science behind motivation theory,
  • Shed light on the key factors that must exist to create lasting change,
  • Provide tools and techniques to put this new knowledge into practice, and
  • Flip everything you thought you knew about why we do what we do, on it’s head.

10:20-10:55 Morning Tea and Networking

Aged Care Breakout Stream

12:40-13:30 Lunch Break and Networking

Resume Shared Stream

15:25-15:50 Afternoon Tea and Networking

Close of Day One

Secure your place today and take your learning and development program to new heights!

Day Two Schedule

9:05-9:10 Welcome to Day Two

10:20-10:50 Morning Tea and Networking

13:00-13:50 Lunch Break and Networking

15:35-15:45 Close of Conference

15:45 Afternoon Tea and Networking

Connect with Leaders, Regulators, Innovators and Providers

Join your peers from Australia’s aged, home, community, health and disability care sectors.

What Will I Learn?

  1. 1 How to enhance your organisation's training and development initiatives and motivate learners.
  2. 2 How to mitigate risks specific to the healthcare industry.
  3. 3 Emerging trends, technologies and clinical advancements.
  4. 4 New connections with peers across the industry.



30 November –
1 December 2023



Pullman Melbourne On The Park

192 Wellington Parade,
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ausmed Elevate 2023?

Ausmed Elevate 2023 is an healthcare conference for learning and development professionals/practitioners in the Australian healthcare sector.

We’ve run Ausmed conferences and Ausmed seminars in the past, but this is a step above what we’ve ever done before.

Are Ausmed Events back?

Ausmed Elevate 2023 is our first conference since the covid-19 pandemic.

While this is our first event in many years, we cannot guarantee the return of Ausmed Events.

What makes Ausmed Elevate 2023 different from other healthcare events?

We at Ausmed believe in the continuing development of the Australian healthcare industry.

There is no shortage of education for clinical care at the staff level. However, there is a gap in the specific needs for the Australian healthcare learning and development space.

Ausmed Elevate 2023 aims to revolutionise the way healthcare organisations create learning and development strategies and education opportunities for their staff to enhance patient outcomes, while reinforcing organisational efficiencies.

Secure your place today and take your learning and development program to new heights!