St Basil's needed agility and support - so they turned to Ausmed

Last Updated: 07 April 2022

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Malleable software and a dedicated manager support line made choosing Ausmed easy

The Problem

An array of spreadsheets, a pile of compliance documents and a lack of personal support: these are a few of the things that Michelle Wicky, the General Manager for Learning and Development at St Basil’s NSW & ACT, used to deal with on a daily basis, as well as managing the learning and development of over 600 staff and leading a small team of nurse educators. Free time during work hours was not a luxury the St Basil’s L&D team could afford.

It seemed as though St Basil’s was pushing against the limits of their Learning Management System (LMS) constantly; the interface was difficult to navigate and the reporting function was rigid, meaning the L&D team were only harvesting a fraction of the information that could help them optimise the St Basil’s learning offerings. However, the hardest part for Michelle was the lack of personal engagement and support.

‘Training was made through that LMS and there was lots of paperwork. Lots of storing of paperwork. The interface was definitely not as pretty as Ausmed, the reporting was not as agile, the customer care was atrocious. Nothing like what I get at Ausmed.'

The Solution

After a continuous struggle, Michelle and her team realised that St Basil’s had outgrown the LMS they were using, and it was time to take the plunge and switch to a new provider. Knowing how disruptive continuous changes to internal systems can be, the St Basil’s leadership team knew they only had one shot to change LMS providers for the near future. So, Michelle went window shopping. By the time she was tossing up Ausmed with another global platform, it was Ausmed’s agility and organisation-tailored software that swayed Michelle to choose Ausmed on behalf of St Basil’s.

The Ausmed platform is built in-house, which means that it can respond to the specific needs of organisations. St Basil’s, as a growing organisation, often requires new types of functionality from the Ausmed platform, and our software engineers are always excited to step up and deliver their best work.

‘Ausmed initiates change themselves, becomes more flexible, is more agile, updates the interface behind the scenes without me having to change all of our processes. It means that St Basil’s are getting the best out of Ausmed without having to make those hard choices or continual requests.’

After the sales process, St Basil’s started working alongside the Customer Experience team to provide support throughout the whole partnership with Ausmed. After two years with us, Michelle knows each of the team members by name and has an open line of communication to them on the Manager Support Line. What’s more, the Customer Experience team are constantly communicating amongst themselves so that everyone is up-to-date regarding the needs of each organisation using the product.

'I always say to Jose: the thing I love the most is when I call the support line and the person answers with “Hi, Michelle, how are you going?” Oh, it makes my heart sing. It’s best practice customer service in terms of software management. It feels like they're doing everything they should do with a smile on their face.’

The Outcome

At Ausmed, we know that different organisations need different things. While one organisation may need space to upload their own training modules, another may need access to Ausmed’s huge library of 1000+ learning resources. St Basil’s needed something else entirely: flexible software that acted as a user-friendly database, while also cutting out the middle man by housing St Basil’s' own content directly on the platform. Ausmed stepped up to fill both of these roles, and Michelle is as impressed 2 years – and one pandemic – later as she was when the platform was first installed.

‘Using it as a database is actually one of the biggest tools that I love about Ausmed, and it’s something that is slowly being adjusted again for what we need.'

However, the adaptability and agility of Ausmed’s platform has not reduced the time Michelle spends on the LMS. In fact, she spends more time using Ausmed than she did on the previous LMS. That’s because she can harvest all the data she needs whenever she needs it, so she never has to leave the software. For example, perhaps the Aged Care and Quality Commission is performing an audit, or Michelle and her team are presenting to the St Basil’s Board of Directors — whatever they need to do, Ausmed will provide the tools to find the data required for all scenarios.

'So the truth is I spend all my time on Ausmed. I spend lots of time reporting, but it's not because it takes long to pull a report or to get what I'm looking for. It's because the reporting functionality is so flexible, comprehensive and agile that I can get the nuance of what I need in a moment.

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